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 LNK2001 Error

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PostSubject: LNK2001 Error   2015-07-21, 04:54

I'm trying to modify game method ( army::DoAttack(int) ).
Added this to heroes2_imports.inc:

IMPORT_?DoAttack@army@@QAEXH@Z = 1
?DoAttack@army@@QAEXH@Z_clone EQU ?DoAttack_orig@army@@QAEXH@Z
And modified combat.h and combat.cpp files:
combat.h - added void DoAttack(int) and void DoAttack_orig(int) declarations to army class.
combat.cpp - added void army::DoAttack(int x) definition.
The problem is when I call DoAttack_orig(x), linker give me an error.
PS, sorry for my english, it isn't my native language Smile


Admin's edit: An additional post by DraggonFantasy was omitted when copying from the old forum, and has been inserted here:

DraggonFantasy' post:

Problem fixed. I deleted heroes2.obj file to perform reassembling and everything works now. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: LNK2001 Error   2015-07-21, 04:55

Excellent! May I ask what you're modding?

I've been a bit lax lately about uploading the latest versions of the source code. I need to get on that.
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PostSubject: Re: LNK2001 Error   2015-07-21, 04:55

I'm making a mod, that extends map-making abilities, adds more Lua functions and triggers etc.
Have already added 16 new functions and 3 new triggers Very Happy
Also fixed the bug with Pandora's Box, when it replace your army with peasants after battle)
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PostSubject: Re: LNK2001 Error   2015-07-21, 04:56


I've been trying to get the game to compile, but seem to be missing a few steps. Could you share what you did/programs you used to make it work? I gave Darmani a ping but he's pretty busy atm so if you could help that would be great. Very Happy

steps I've taken so far (working on a Windows 7 machine):
(1) install Visual studio Express C++ 2010 (I usually develop in Eclipse, and that one was free)
(2) fetch latest from the Mercurial repo and open the VC project (.vcproj file)
(3) compile failed on some include failure
--> fixed by adding (path to to ironfist repo)/ironfist/src/cpp and (...)/ironfist/src/cpp/lib to include path
(4) Compile failed on error "'CString' : undeclared identifier" in file dialog.cpp
--> guess my includes aren't 100% correct yet... quick workaround: comment the code
(5) massive syntax errors on everything in the xerxes folder
--> stuck here... more include issues? Maybe I don't have correct libraries installed?
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PostSubject: Re: LNK2001 Error   2015-07-21, 04:56

never mind Smile had some more help and fixed all the issues Smile
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PostSubject: Re: LNK2001 Error   

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LNK2001 Error
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